Induction Loops

Enhancing Accessibility with Cutting-Edge Hearing Aid Loop Systems

Revolutionising Auditory Accessibility with Hearing Aid Loops

 In the realm of auditory accessibility, hearing aid loops, or audio frequency induction loops, stand as indispensable tools that bridge the gap for individuals with hearing aids or cochlear implants equipped with a telecoil setting. With a rich legacy spanning 30 years, Word of Mouth Technology has been a trailblazer in designing, supplying, and installing these transformative systems, catering to a spectrum of venues ranging from reception counters to expansive outdoor entertainment spaces.

Induction Loops being installed

Understanding the Technology: How Hearing Aid Loops Work

The fundamental principle involves the wireless transmission of sound via induction loop amplifiers connected to copper wires or tapes. This process generates a magnetic field within the loop, accessible to hearing aids featuring a telecoil. The versatility of our installations spans from straightforward perimeter loops to sophisticated low-splash phased array loops, ideal for venues with interconnected rooms.

Induction Loops

Applications and Suitability: Making Auditory Inclusion Effortless

Hearing loops are a beacon of simplicity and efficacy, providing users with trouble-free access to enhanced hearing. While the prevalence of telecoil-fitted hearing aids might be decreasing, individuals with significant hearing loss typically retain access to the telecoil setting on their devices.

Where are they suitable for?

Public spaces where issuing receiving devices is not possible, e.g., train stations, stadiums, public service counters

Dispelling the Myth: Hearing Loops as Time-Tested Technology

A common enquiry surrounds the perception of hearing loops as “old technology.” At Word of Mouth Technology, we challenge this notion, asserting that it is a proven technology that continues to evolve. A properly installed hearing loop by skilled contractors ensures years of trouble-free hearing assistance, thanks to advancements in amplifiers, design software, and installation materials.

“Our in-house design team ensures that your project aligns with compliance requirements and user needs. We boast extensive experience in installing various hearing loops, encompassing phased array designs, low loss, and perimeter types.”

General Manager’s Perspective:

Andrew Willis, General Manager

Loop 3D Vertical Field Strength
Loop 2D Vertical Field Strength

Our in house design team can ensure your project meets compliance requirements and the needs of users. 

We are experienced with installation of all types of hearing loops. Including phased array designs, low loss and perimiter type hearing loops.

Compliance and Expertise: A Commitment to Quality

As specialists in hearing augmentation and assistive listening technologies, Word of Mouth Technology collaborates with schools, employers, and government agencies. We offer tailored solutions that adhere to Australian, BCA, and premises standards. Our commitment to quality ensures that our clientele receives optimal auditory support, empowering them with a seamless communication experience.

Hearing aid loops represent not just a technology of the past but an evolving solution that remains at the forefront of auditory accessibility. Word-of-mouth technology continues to pioneer advancements, ensuring that our installations resonate with the needs of diverse venues and users, contributing to a more inclusive and accessible auditory landscape.

Navigating the Auditory Landscape: A Guide to Using Hearing Aid Induction Loops

In the symphony of auditory accessibility, hearing aid induction loops play a pivotal role, offering a seamless bridge for individuals with hearing aids or cochlear implants equipped with telecoil settings. As we delve into the transformative capabilities of these systems, it becomes equally crucial to be aware of certain nuances when navigating the auditory landscape enriched by hearing induction loops.

One key consideration is the significance of having compatible hearing devices. To fully harness the benefits of a hearing loop, it’s essential for individuals to use hearing aids or cochlear implants with activated telecoils. This ensures that the magnetic signals generated by the induction loop can be effectively received, translating into a clear and enhanced auditory experience.

Additionally, the optimal positioning within the looped area is vital for users to receive the best possible signal. Being within the designated space covered by the loop guarantees a consistent and high-quality audio transmission to the hearing device. Users are advised to stay within the looped perimeter for an uninterrupted auditory journey.

Moreover, users should be aware of potential interference from electronic devices, as these can introduce unwanted signals into the loop, affecting the overall audio quality. Minimising proximity to such devices enhances the overall effectiveness of the hearing induction loop.

Connecting seamlessly with the content on ‘Enhancing Accessibility with Cutting-Edge Hearing Aid Loop Systems,’ this guide provides valuable insights for users to maximise their experience within looped environments. As word-of-mouth technology continues to champion advancements in hearing aid induction loop technology, staying informed about these considerations ensures a harmonious and inclusive auditory journey for all.

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