Infrared Hearing Assistance

Infrared Hearing Assistance systems use light waves to transmit a sound signal within a venue. This technology keeps the sound/signal contained within the room/space.

With these systems an Infrared signal is sent by a transmitter connected to the sound system in your venue. This radio signal transmission can then be picked up by receivers worn by customers/patrons while they are attending the venue.

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Key Features


Customers simply wear a set of headphones that are attached to a receiver device to enjoy the signal from the sound system transmitter.

Receiver Loop

For those who wear hearing aids, a receiver loop worn around the neck can be used in place of the headphones that works with the telecoil setting in the hearing aids.


The receivers can be stored easily and simply by the venue in a charging case or tray which will also recharge the batteries in them ready for use again the next day.

Infrared Hearing Assistance Components

Infrared Hearing Assistance

System of choice when confidentiality is important

Ideal Applications:

Infrared systems are ideally suited to venues with multiple meeting spaces equipped with amplification systems. The infrared radiator is installed neatly above a TV or Projector and connects directly to the sound source. Because the technology contains the signal to the room, this is the system of choice when confidentiality is important.

For larger spaces, sometimes additional transmitters, known as slave transmitters, may need to be used, but our team can advise you on what would work best in your space.


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