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Better Hearing in Learning Environments

We have worked with thousands of schools enhancing the auditory experience for everyone with our range of classroom speech, media and communication systems.  Our solutions range from portable classroom soundfield systems to whole school media and paging solutions.

We supply a range of products, ensuring we can tailor a solution to meet your individual needs.  All of our products are supplied by a dedicated team, who don’t just sell a product but offer ongoing  training and support to ensure you maximise your investment.  From a single classroom to School Wide paging and bell systems, if its about better hearing and listening we have you covered.

Educational spaces vary greatly, and students of all ages require optimised access to learning through listening. We are the trusted experts in tailoring the right listening solutions for traditional classroom settings, open learning spaces and across a playground.

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Teacher with FrontRow at front of class

About SoundField Systems

Say goodbye to the detrimental impacts of classroom noise with a SoundField System. SoundField systems ensure teacher and student voices are heard above the background noise. By cutting through distracting classroom noise, they support better learning outcomes, and eliminate teacher voice fatigue.

From a traditional classroom to open plan, a music room, IT lab or even the staff room, a SoundField system installed by Word of Mouth quickly becomes a welcome and essential tool for teachers and students alike.


A SoundField System ensures the signal to noise ratio is always positive – the signal (teacher’s voice) is always easily audible over and above the competing noise in the room.

Teacher_class with Juno mic speaker

What is a SoundField System?

When someone is addressing a group, the relationship between the volume of the sound of their voice versus the competing surrounding noise is referred to as the Signal to Noise Ratio, or SNR. In order to be heard effortlessly, the ‘signal’ needs to be consistently louder than the ‘noise’ – a positive SNR.

When a teacher’s voice is the ‘signal’ in question, and a class of enthusiastic energetic children is the ‘noise’, getting the ‘signal to noise ratio’ right to ensure the teacher can be consistently heard above the noise in the room is a real challenge for both teachers and students alike!

They consist of two key components:

  1. A microphone, used by the person speaking,
  2. A loudspeaker that presents the sound picked up by the microphone to the entire room.

Whilst this may sound simple, our Soundfield Systems are more than just a microphone and a speaker, they are a complete audio solution for your learning  learning space. Our soundfield systems offer a range of leading features including dynamic FM and Optivoice. Proven technologies that dont just make sound louder but clearer.

Why consider a SoundField System for your learning spaces?


The benefits of SoundField systems have been well researched and the evidence is clear that the improved signal to noise ratio provided by SoundField systems is advantageous to all students, teachers, and schools alike.


For students, SoundField systems result in a reduction in the need to strain to hear, reducing listening fatigue and improving attention spans, retention of information and academic performance.

Improved overall classroom behaviour has been seen following the introduction of SoundField systems. With students better able to hear and respond to instructions, teachers repeat themselves far less when using SoundField systems.

Using the microphone means teachers do not raise their voices anymore to be heard, reducing vocal strain, saving energy, and improving overall temperaments of teaching staff.

Schools benefit from less staff absenteeism due to vocal strain related issues, as well as better retention of teaching staff, not to mention the improved academic performance of students to report on.


Word of Mouth Technology offer a complete SoundField system installation and training package ensuring that all users of SoundField systems are comfortable and competent in its use, promoting compliance and maximising the benefits to be gained for staff and students. Getting the most from your investment.

No matter how your learning space’s function, Word of Mouth Technology can deliver the right SoundField system for every school, teacher, and student. But not all systems are created equal, so let’s explore the range and help you find the perfect fit for your educational setting and needs.

School Bells and Paging using your existing network

School Wide Communication & Alerts with Frontrow Conductor

Instant, school wide communication is the norm in all schools these days, but thanks to todays’ technological advances in paging systems, muffled announcements that go to the entire school when only one classroom needed the information can be a thing of the past.

The Frontrow Conductor system is an advanced IP paging platform that can bring your school communication into the digital age. Whether it’s establishing a schedule for routine commands or preparing for disruptions from late start days to true emergencies – Frontrow Conductor offers solutions to empowers you to communicate clearly and to keep the situation under control.

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