Roger BaseStation Studio

Phonak offers the Roger BaseStation, the Roger Touchscreen Mic, the Roger Multimedia Hub, Roger Repeater and Roger WallPiolt for unlimited flexibility. With the 2.4 Ghz protocol for wireless connections developed by Phonak, the Phonak Roger System us easy to set up and even easier to use, thanks to the plug-and-play configuration.

Courtroom Receivers

Roger BaseStation for larger spaces

Roger BaseStation is a stationary Roger transmitter designed to broadcast audio from a sound system. Roger BaseStation transmits to Roger (02) receivers and Roger DigiMaster5000/7000 loudspeakers.

For large area applications, the Roger BaseStation transmission range can be extended with the addition of Roger Repeaters, strategically placed within the area. Roger BaseStation can be connected to a network of all Roger for Education devices, including Roger WallPilots.

Key Features of Roger Technology

Ease of Use

Users can effortlessly collect a receiver or use their personal Roger Receivers access enhance speech understanding in noisy environments.

Wireless Connectivity

The Phonak Roger BaseStation serves as a central hub that wirelessly transmits audio to compatible Roger receivers worn by users. This wireless transmission ensures clear and direct communication without the limitations.

Range and Coverage

The Roger BaseStation offers a reliable transmission range within a specified area, ensuring that users can move around freely while maintaining clear audio reception from the Roger BaseStation.

Components of the Phonak Roger Studio

Roger Studio

Ideal for large areas and multiple spaces

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