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About Frontrow Conductor

Easy touch access for paging and intercom, emergency alerts and answering calls. The Frontrow Conductor Admin Station provides effortless communication and enables office managers and administrators to make announcements, intercom calls, trigger emergency alerts, set bell schedules, stream music, create zones and much more.

Word of Mouth Technology has successfully integrated the Frontrow Conductor in both small primary schools and large K – 12 Independent schools, so we have seen first-hand how this technology has brought improved school communications as well as operational and financial efficiencies.

Schools are often concerned about increased infrastructure costs, but with Frontrow Conductor we can often use your existing wiring, speakers and amps and integrate with your current IP phone systems and door relays. Additionally, its open architecture can be easily mastered by IT staff, so you’re not signing up for an endless stream of technician and consulting bills.

FrontRow Conductor admin

Frontrow Conductor

A complete front office station for school or campus communication.

Ideal Applications:

When your school needs clear communication to the right people and locations, take it to the next level with Frontrow Conductor, without needing a complete infrastructure refresh.  Change schedules on the fly, customise bell sounds and music for different purposes and meanings, and enjoy the ability to page individual rooms rather than disturbing the entire school. 

Schools waiting for their Ageing PA system to fail – You may not have thought about in this way, but your school’s old analog PA system is a liability. Today’s communication systems are dynamic and provide new capabilities, making both classrooms and entire schools efficient, effective, and safe. 

New Schools & Campuses – ideal for the modern classroom or learning environment

Frontrow Conductor Features & Benefits


Identify zones in your buildings with a few mouse clicks without the need to call in a tech to rewire your PA each time something changes.



Pre-record and schedule announcements, reminders or messages.


Set up bell schedules to run automatically. Select from a variety of bell tones or allocate secific bells for specific reasons. Rescheduling is a breeze should adjustments need to be made.

Emergency Planning

In the event of an emergency the Conductor system is able to release a distinct audio alarm to all zones, display an evacuation map on all projectors and digital signage, and play clear, pre-recorded instructions over speaker. With a single command, simultaneously lock all doors against an intruder, issue an automated announcement about what’s happening and send digital alerts off-site.

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Demonstration of Frontrow Conductor

Word of Mouth Technology has helped hundreds of Australian schools and other facilities enjoy the benefits of Frontrow Conductor – Contact us to discuss your requirements and arrange an obligation free demonstration. 

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