Frontrow Lyrik

Frontrow Lyrik amplification solution is a small yet mighty portable speaker for instruction and audio media to be heard anywhere: in a classroom, outside on a sports field, or even online!

The Frontrow Lyrik speaker has an integrated rechargeable battery and can be connected to a computer or other auxiliary audio source either directly using cables or wirelessly using Bluetooth.  The teacher microphone for Lyrik is lightweight and comfortable, and our PrioriTeach feature can automatically mute the auxiliary audio when a teacher speaks.

Lyrik Speaker-mics in charger

The Lyrik is affordable amplification system, and you can order the complete Lyrik Package via the button below.  The Package includes the Rechargeable Speaker, Teacher Microphone, Pass Around Microphone, Charging Dock and a Canvas Carry-bag.

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Ideal Applications:

The Frontrow Lyrik is a small but might sound system.  With its integrated rechargeable battery and lightweight design, the Frontrow Lyrik can go anywhere.  Flexibility and adaptability of educational technology is more important than ever.  So whether you need a classroom or an outdoor sound system, Frontrow Lyrik has you covered.

Lyrik is powerful

Lyrik is versatile

Lyrik is portable

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